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Next level grazing boards and platters using macadamia nuts 

Summer Grazing Table with Australian Macadamias

Incorporating macadamias into your grazing platters and charcuterie board elevates your spread into something special and will leave your guests raving!

Whether you need a centrepiece for a long lunch, snacks for an impromptu happy hour or a fuss-free meal to feed a crowd, grazing platters and charcuterie boards are the ultimate in relaxed entertaining. 

Brie topped with hot honey macadamias
Brie topped with hot honey macadamias

However, laid back hosting doesn’t mean you have to forgo sophistication or flavour. In fact, the delightful, creamy crunch of macadamias can easily raise the entertaining bar, one delicious bite at a time.

Elevate your happy hour

The joy of grazing boards is that they are inclusive. People are able to pick and choose the elements they want to eat, which make them an easy way to cater for a range of eating styles and dietary requirements.

Cos with lemon vinaigrette and roasted macadamias
Cos with lemon vinaigrette and roasted macadamias

While cheese and cured meats are standard, adding macadamia nuts to the mix means that plant-based eaters are also catered for. 

But get creative, we recommend including macadamias in a range of ways, so everyone can enjoy their delicious flavour.

Summer Grazing Table with Australian Macadamias
Summer grazing table with Australian Macadamias

Our stunning spread pictured here incorporates macadamias in a variety of ways, to thrill your guest’s eyes as well as their taste buds! Here’s what we’ve laid out:

  • Baby cos with lemon vinaigrette and roasted macadamias. ​​Bring a luxurious touch to your entertaining table. Imagine crisp baby cos lettuce leaves drizzled with zesty lemon vinaigrette and crowned with roasted macadamias. It’s a simple yet sophisticated starter that sets the tone for an exceptional culinary experience.
  • Brie topped with hot honey macadamia nuts. The creamy richness of brie meets the spicy-sweet allure of macadamias is a divine pairing that’s nothing short of gourmet perfection.
  • Elevated macadamia summer dips. No grazing table is complete without a selection of dips! Choose dips in a range of colours for maximum visual effect.
  • Sourdough and focaccia.
  • Small bowls of extra virgin olive oil, caramelised balsamic vinegar and macadamia dukkah
  • Charcuterie including prosciutto and salami. 
  • Antipasti in separate bowls including semi dried tomatoes, roasted red capsicum, charred-grilled eggplant and mixed olives.
  • Additional bowls of macadamia nuts including roasted salted and chocolate coated macadamias.

Elevate your grazing table with Australian Macadamias
Elevate your grazing table with Australian Macadamias

Eating with your eyes

As you can see from our stylish spread above, with good quality ingredients on the table, there is no need to worry about coordinating your crockery. In fact, mixing up the size and style of your plates and platters can give your spread an alluring level of casualness that makes entertaining seem effortless. 

If you prefer a more structured approach, we have step-by-step instructions for assembling the perfect grazing platter

The ultimate Australian antipasto platter

And if you would like an Australian theme for your meal check out our suggestions for an Australian antipasto platter!

What’s your favourite approach to relaxed entertaining with macadamia nuts? Share it with Australian macadamia nut lovers over on our Facebook page!

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