Roast your own macadamias in four easy steps

There’s nothing quite like a freshly roasted nut. Preparing your own roasted macadamia nuts at home is quick, easy and oh so satisfying. Roasting macadamias intensifies their buttery flavour and accentuates their unique crunch. It also gives you the opportunity to combine them with additional flavours and spices that complement the natural creaminess of macadamias. You can roast macadamias in a pan or on the BBQ, but the most common way to roast macadamias at home is in the oven. Be prepared to make a big batch as these morsels are so moreish they will disappear in a flash!

Roast your own macadamias at home

Elevate the flavour

While roasting itself intensifies the macadamia flavour you love, adding your favourite spice mix to the still-warm kernels will turn each one into a satisfying flavour bomb. Although everyone has their own personal preference, these tried-and-tested combinations are approved by macadamia-lovers everywhere.

Salted macadamias

Although too much salt in your diet can be problematic, when you roast your own macadamias at home you are free to add less than commercial makers might. Just a tiny sprinkle can boost that buttery, creamy macadamia flavour we love so much.

Bushfood flavours

Many Australian native herbs and spices like wattle seed, pepperberry and lemon myrtle pair perfectly with our native nut. Discover our favourite flavour combinations here.

Chilli macadamias

Chilli flakes, chilli powder and smoked paprika are all great to add to your warm macadamias after roasting.

Spice blends

Whether you prefer Middle Eastern baharat or a North African Ras El Hanout, you are free to experiment when you roast your own macadamias at home.

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