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Wicked chocolate and macadamia spread

Wicked Chocolate and Macadamia Spread

Warning: this spread is so good, you may find yourself eating it straight from the jar! The good news is, it’s actually a clean eating recipe and nowhere near as naughty as it looks, or tastes. Enjoy guilt-free with crackers, on toast, or fresh bread.


1 cup raw macadamias
¼ cup dutch cocoa powder
2 tablespoons boiling water
¼ cup sweetener of choice (honey, agave, sugar) or more or less to taste

Process macadamias in a food processor, first to a fine meal, then further to a paste. Mix cocoa with boiling water and add to macadamia paste. Add sweetener and blend until smooth and creamy.

Store in fridge.

TIP: for a sugar-free alternative, substitute the ¼ cup of sweetener with 1 cup mashed ripe banana!
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