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Lunch ideas for each day of the working week

Lunch ideas for each day of the working week

15 June 2021

Whether you are working from home or back in the office let these ‘al desco’ ideas inspire you to try a wider variety of lunches. 


The weekend provides plenty of time to prepare or pre-pack a healthy lunch for the first day of the working week. So salads are the perfect thing to plan for a Monday meal. Try our layered salad with ginger soy macadamias for a hearty, filling midday meal. The winter vegetables in this hearty lentil salad are perfect for the colder months, and you can also incorporate some sweet summer fruit into your salad when you crave something lighter. Remember to store any dressings separately if you are preparing your salad in advance.


Perfect in winter and portable in summer, soup is a great option for a weekday lunch. If you are working from home, they are easy to prep then leave to bubble away on the stove while you get work done. Beetroot or Potato and Leek are perennial favourites and transport well, but noodle soups are perfect for slurping in the privacy of your own home. Comforting chicken noodle or spicy laksa are both good options.


Replace your hump day trip to the bakery with these DIY bakery-style treats. Make them ahead of time, and store in the fridge or freezer for days when you really need to grab-and-go. Our lamb, mint and macadamia sausage rolls are super-satisfying, but we also have a meat free macadamia roll for vegetarians. Macadamia and vegemite scrolls are a great lunchbox item, and these mediterranean macadamia scrolls are a veg-packed choice. If you like something lighter for lunch, our gut-friendly banana bread is a sweet but still healthy choice.


Who says grazing platters are just for parties? We think they are perfect for Thursday lunch! You can make your own individual-sized grazing plate by whipping up one or two macadamia dips, and serving them with crackers, nuts, chopped fruits and vegetables. You can even throw in some charcuterie if that takes your fancy. The point is that this way of eating is as light and as easy to whip up as it is portable.


If you are working from home on Fridays you may very well have a little extra flexibility to cook up something a little more special. Why not try this roast vegetable and zoodle dish, a Japanese cabbage pancake or a cold soba noodle salad? You can make life easier and save time by prepping some of the elements the night before. Alternatively, making a brown rice super bowl or macadamia fried rice will help you use up leftovers from meals during the week.

What do you eat for lunch during your working week?

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