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Macadamia Conservation Trust

Over 80% of Australia’s wild macadamia trees have been lost since European settlement due to residential development, clearing and inappropriate fire regimes. Sadly, many of the remaining trees are at risk of extinction. 

Their biggest threat is climate change which may alter natural balances and create conditions where exotic vines thrive and overwhelm small populations of native trees. The Macadamia Conservation Trust aims to conserve wild macadamia trees in their native habitat for future generations.

Discovering and conserving wild macadamias

The Macadamia Conservation Trust is a not for profit registered environmental organisation. Their work is vital to protect small populations of wild trees. The Macadamia Conservation Trust have conducted valuable preliminary surveys and conservation work, culminating in a species recovery plan. This was the first conservation plan developed by a farming body to receive formal recognition from the Australian Government. 

Their latest project, Wild About Macadamias, led to the discovery of a species of macadamia tree as rare as the Wollemi Pine! They are now working to selectively replant the species with the help of local indigenous communities.

Saving wild macadamias from extinction

With your help the Macadamia Conservation Trust can do so much more to protect macadamias from extinction in the wild. Head to the Trust’s website to become a supporter or volunteer to undertake plantings. If you have a remnant rainforest with macadamia trees on your land, you can contact the trust to be part of the effort to save wild macadamias from extinction.

Find out more about wild macadamias and the work of the Macadamia Conservation Trust.