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Garth came to macadamia growing ready for a fresh challenge after 15 years working in newspaper printing. However he wasn’t completely new to the industry. His family had been growing macadamias for many years, and Garth used to spend his annual leave helping out during harvest. Having bought the family farm from his parents, Garth says he felt confident coming into the industry because he knew his farm’s history, but admits there was still plenty to learn. “I was only there during the peak period when my parents owned it. But in reality it’s just as busy during the off-season as it is during the peak. All the tasks on the farm are important to ensure that the end product is up to scratch.” 

Garth uses native bees across his orchard as well as mulch and compost to help naturally improve his soil and yields and strongly believes caring for the land is better for the planet and for future families. A typical day on Garth’s farm starts at around 8am. “Getting there any earlier wouldn’t make sense as the grass is still a bit wet and that wouldn’t allow for operating any the machinery properly”, he says. 

As for the best way to enjoy macadamias, Garth has a firm favourite: “Roasted and salted – you can’t go wrong!”

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