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Katherine and Nic Emery


Katherine and nick emery

Former teacher and engineer Katherine and Nic Emery moved to Australia from South Africa in 2006. With no farming experience, they quickly transformed a rundown orchard into something quite special – a beautiful 4,000-tree macadamia farm. Located in Wolvi, near Gympie in one of Australia’s main macadamia growing regions, the farm is surrounded by a picturesque dam and is a haven to local bird and wildlife. Katherine rises at 4am each day to make the lunches before hopping on the mower for two hours. She’s busy on-farm until about 1pm, when she helps her four young boys with their home schooling. The Emerys also lease a 6,000-tree macadamia farm on an adjoining property and assist other growers to harvest, sort and dry the precious nuts before sending to the local processor.


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