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5 different ways to use macadamia butter

5 different ways to use macadamia butter

1 December 2020

Utterly delectable, easy to make and full of goodness, macadamia butter adds a beautiful nutty, creaminess to all kinds of recipes and snacks. Here are our five favourite ways to use macadamia butter.

1. In smoothies: macadamia butter adds a creamy mouthfeel to plant based or plant-forward smoothies. Read here about the health benefits of adding macadamias to your daily smoothie.Macadamia banana smoothie

2. In a curry or laksa paste: the subtle taste of macadamias acts as the perfect carrier for the stronger flavours of the ingredients in your spice mix.Vegan macadamia and chickpea curry

3. DIY nutella: mix some dark cacao along with a little sweeter (like honey, agave or maple syrup) into your macadamia butter to make your own macadamia nutella or make this wicked recipe from scratch.Wicked chocolate and macadamia spread

4. As icing on the cake: with a little sweetener like honey or maple syrup, macadamia butter makes a good icing for carrot, banana or chocolate cake.Gluten free chocolate macadamia cake with macadamia maple icing

5. Snack attack: slit open a medjool date, remove the seed and fill it with a teaspoon of macadamia butter and some toppings of your choice. A smooth, creamy and delicious pick me up.Macadamia butter medjool datesWhat are your favourite ways to use macadamia butter? Let us know on the Australian Macadamias Facebook page.


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