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Why we love macadamias in winter

The versatility and rich flavour of macadamias makes them perfect for enhancing warming winter meals, providing both texture and flavour to hearty dishes.

Macadamias are perfect for pairing with seasonal winter produce to make delicious, comforting meals. Not only are they bursting with texture and flavour, macadamias are also full of the nutrients that our bodies need to stay happy and healthy in winter. 


Warming spiced macadamias
Warming spiced macadamias

The good mood food we need in winter

Macadamias aren’t just a delicious, healthy snack. They support mental wellbeing too. There is a large body of evidence to show that what we eat has an impact on our mood. For instance, we know that a Mediterranean style diet that includes regular nut consumption has a positive impact on reducing symptoms of depression (see study here).

Macadamias also contain copper, magnesium and manganese that all aid in the maintenance of our neurotransmitters. These are chemicals that send signals around the brain. Healthy neurotransmitter activity is key to good mental health.

Macadamias make me happy
Macadamias make me happy

Good-for-you-fats and good gut health

Studies show this positive mood effect is thanks in part to activity in the gut. In fact, some scientists call the gut ‘the second brain’ because the two organs work so closely together. The dietary fibre in the food we eat is central to good gut health. Macadamia nuts are around 7% total fibre and some of that fibre is prebiotic fibre which acts as food for the microflora (bacteria and fungi) in the gut.

Macadamias contain a low proportion of saturated fats, no nasty trans-fats and are rich in heart-friendly monounsaturated fats, similar to those in olive oil. In fact, macadamias are one of the highest food sources of monounsaturated fats, a perfect resource during winter when our bodies are working harder to stay warm and healthy. 

Roasted macadamia congee
Roasted macadamia congee

Perfect for warming winter meals

The ways to enjoy macadamias during the colder months are seemingly endless. Pair your macadamias with roasted baby carrots to create a warm vegetable salad. Spread macadamia butter over warm, toasted crumpets. Process macadamias with fresh herbs to encrust a succulent cut of meat. Use macadamia milk in your favourite warm beverage. The list goes on.

Or use one of the twelve recipes in this winter recipe ebook, carefully selected to help you get the most from your macadamias during the colder months.

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