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Unbeatable macadamia shortbread recipes

Macadamia shortbread hearts

Macadamia shortbread combines the delicious crumbly texture of this Scottish treat with the buttery crunch of Australia’s favourite nut.

Why shortbread?

Synonymous with Scotland, shortbread is a sweet biscuit with a crumbly texture resulting from the large amount of butter used to make it. Historians have traced the origins of shortbread as far back as the middle ages, when ‘biscuit bread’ was made from the dough leftover from daily bread baking. Someone through the years had the bright idea to replace yeast with butter or ‘shortening’, and so shortbread was born! 

Along with butter, the flour used in the shortbread recipe impacts the texture of the final product. Rice flour is often used to produce a finer, creamier crumb. We aren’t sure who the genius was who decided to add macadamias to their recipe, but there’s no doubt the unique, creamy crunch of the macadamia nut perfectly complements the buttery biscuits. Perhaps it was John MacAdam himself. After all he was the Scottish botanist who gave macadamias their modern name!

Because butter is traditionally expensive, requiring large amounts of milk to make, in times gone by shortbread was reserved as a delicacy for royalty or served at celebrations like weddings or Hogmanay (New Year). 

These days, we don’t always need an excuse to enjoy shortbread, but it does still have a special place on the Christmas table and as an end of year gift. Here are our favourite buttery, creamy, crunchy macadamia shortbread recipes.

Made with love

Fine macadamia shortbread hearts

Show your family and friends you love them by baking this traditional-style recipe, using fine flours and sugars and plenty of butter. The smooth biscuit balanced with the creamy crunch of macadamias is a winning texture combination.

Macadamia shortbread hearts
Macadamia shortbread hearts

Super simple baking

Honey roasted macadamia shortbread biscuits

We love this recipe because it is so easy and requires only a handful of ingredients…yet the results are impressively delicious. The macadamias themselves (as well as a little macadamia oil) provide the fat content that gives the recipe its ‘short’ quality. And it’s sweetened with honey, not refined sugar, which adds an earthy quality to the flavour.

3 ingredient macadamias shortbread biscuits
Simple macadamia shortbread biscuits

Even more Aussie flavour

Macadamia and lemon myrtle shortbread

The macadamias in this recipe are finely ground and used for their buttery quality and nutty taste. We love the zing of flavour (and of national pride) that adding lemon myrtle to the top gives these treats. They make a great gift for international guests.

Shortbread crust for tarts

Macadamia shortbread tart 

This is a vegan, no-bake shortbread tart case recipe that tastes divine. It’s not a traditional shortbread, but still has that ‘short’ texture we all love. Great for family celebrations!

1211 Macadamia shortbread tart
Macadamia shortbread tart with lemon coconut cream

Buy shortbread rather than bake?

If you want to buy your macadamia shortbread rather than bake it, always check the label to ensure you are getting Australian macadamias in your goodies. As well as the year-round favourites, during the festive season supermarket home brands tend to offer seasonal products (like Woolworths Lemon & Macadamia Shortbread Stars, for instance). But we also love to support our local food businesses! Check out Butterfingers (from the Byron Bay Cookie Company) and Valley Produce Company for some local options. 

Found a shortbread brand using Australian Macadamias and other local flavours? Share the love on our Facebook page!

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