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Macadamia Fruity Snack Bars

Macadamia Fruity Snack Bars

These healthy fruit snack are great for kid's lunchboxes and big kids too! Packed with a delicious array of dried fruit, seeds, and of course macadamias, they’re the perfect quick energy boost when you’re on the go.


45g sultanas
45g dried apricots
90g dried apples or pears
90g dried figs
50g macadamias
50g sunflower seeds
60g wholemeal flour
60g porridge oats
60ml orange or apple juice
3 tablespoons honey

    Preheat oven to 190°C.

    Place dried fruit in a blender and roughly blend.  Stir in macadamias, seeds, oats and flour. Add juice and honey and roughly blend.

    Place mixture evenly onto a greased shallow baking tray.  Cook until golden brown, approximately 20 minutes.  Leave to cool then slice into bars.

    TIP:  The glycemic index can be lowered further by adding more juice and less honey.  For a wheat free recipe, add an extra 100g of oats and remove the flour.
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