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Macadamia and carob Easter bunnies

These cute bunnies will make littlies and grown-ups alike feel gleeful and happy over Easter as the macadamias work their magic alongside the carob. They need to stay cool though, so if you are transporting, pop them in a chiller bag.


75g carob buttons or carob bar broken into pieces (containing milk solids)

½ cup macadamias, plus 4 extra for bunny tails

Place the carob buttons and macadamias in the bowl of a food processor and process for 2 minutes or until it has completely combined and resembles a melted mixture. Cut the whole macadamias into cottontail-size pieces and sit in the mould where the tail should be. Carefully spoon the carob mixture into the bunny mould, using a small skewer to pop any air bubbles and jiggle the mixture so it spreads into all areas of the mould shape. Refrigerate until set. Turn out to serve and keep cool or refrigerated.
Categories: festive / sweets

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