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Why macadamia oil is a true kitchen all rounder

Why macadamia oil is a true kitchen all rounder

7 September 2021

With a wonderfully smooth, buttery flavour, macadamia oil is a true kitchen all rounder. 

You might have heard advice that says some oils have different properties. Some are good for baking, while others are better for salad dressings. But when you are in the middle of cooking, it can be difficult to know which oil you should reach for. Keeping a bottle of macadamia oil in the pantry solves that problem! It is a true kitchen all-rounder that can be used in a number of different ways. 

The smooth, buttery flavour of macadamia oil makes it a great base for salad dressings, while the high smoke point means that it copes well with high-heat cooking like roasting, baking and frying. It can even be used as a substitute for butter when baking. Most importantly, it boasts some strong health credentials which help you to quickly and easily boost the nutrients in any meal or snack.

Ways to use macadamia oil

Download this infographic here macadamia_oil_poster.pdf

Check out the amazing health benefits of macadamia oil

- Great source of monounsaturated fat: Macadamia oil contains a low proportion of saturated fats, no harmful trans-fats and is very rich in heart-friendly monounsaturated fats.

- Cholesterol free: Macadamias and macadamia oil are cholesterol free, making them both heart-healthy choices.

- Sodium free: Another heart-healthy property of macadamia oil is that it is sodium free.

- Sugar free: Macadamia oil is sugar free. Naturally.

- Vegan-friendly: As a pure, plant-based product, macadamia oil does not contain any animal ingredients so it is a great choice for people following vegan diets..

- Contains vitamin E: Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin, good vision and correct functioning of the immune system.

Macadamia oil for your health

Five easy ways to use macadamia oil in your cooking

1. Salad dressing: The mild, buttery flavour makes a delicious base for healthy salad dressings. Substitute macadamia oil for olive oil in your favourite recipe, or try this healthy option. 

2. Marinades: Substitute macadamia oil for others in your favourite marinade mix.

3. Substitute for butter when baking: Need a vegan replacement for butter? A 1:1 substitution of butter and macadamia works well. Use one cup of oil for every one cup of butter in your recipe.

4. Delicious, crispy-skin: Macadamia oil helps give fish and chicken skin a crisp and delicious crunch. Massage the skin with oil and salt before baking or pan frying meats.

5. Pan or deep frying: An oil's smoke point is the temperature at which it sends up smoke and gives your food an unpleasant, bitter taste. Because macadamia oil has a high smoke point, it is a great oil to use when pan or deep frying.

Macadamia oil in the kitchen

How do you use macadamia oil in cooking? Head to our Facebook pageto let us know!

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