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Why macadamia and dark chocolate is a perfect match the world over

Why macadamia and dark chocolate is a perfect match the world over

1 April 2021

They might have originated a world away from each other, but macadamias and dark chocolate are best friends in the kitchen and we have the recipes to prove it!

Macadamias are an Australian superfood that originated 60 million years ago in the subtropical rainforests of what is now northern New South Wales and South East Queensland. The cacao bean developed on the other side of the planet in what is now Central America. Both foods were admired by ancient cultures and used in religious ceremonies and trade. Today, we revere these two ingredients for their perfect compatibility in cooking.

The bitter notes in dark chocolate provide a delicious counterpoint to the creamy, buttery flavour of macadamias. It doesn’t matter whether you need a simple sweet treat or a want to pair this duo with other flavours, the following recipes prove just how perfect these two ingredients are for each other.

Dark chocolate-coated macadamias

Nothing beats this simple combination! There are many delicious chocolate-coated macadamias available on the market, but it’s not hard to make your own. Use dark chocolate that contains over 70% cocoa solids to make sure you experience the healthy phytochemicals that dark chocolate offers.

Dark Chocolate Macadamias

Chilli chocolate macadamia tart 

The Mayan and Aztec cultures knew what they were doing when they combined dark chocolate with chilli in their beverages. This chilli chocolate macadamia tart recipe recreates that classic combination in a decadent and rich dessert.

Macadamia, chocolate and bush honey slice

This layered slice recipe uses strong dark chocolate and crunchy macadamia in the base, then combines macadamia butter with bush honey in the middle layer. Finish with milk chocolate as the recipe suggests or use more dark chocolate to cut through the buttery sweetness of the bush honey section. Don’t forget to top with roasted macadamias for their unique crunch.

Dark chocolate and macadamia fudge

Don’t be tempted to substitute the dark chocolate in this decadent recipe for macadamia fudge with another chocolate variety. The bitterness of the dark chocolate is perfect when combined with the sweetened condensed milk. The crunch of the macadamias and the smoothness of the fudge are perfect partners.

Chocolate and macadamia brownie

Any recipe that calls for 550grams of dark chocolate can’t be bad, can it? This is a truly indulgent brownie recipe that makes the perfect chewy, gooey brownie. The crunch of the macadamias is the counterpoint that makes the whole recipe work so well. Use a high-quality dark chocolate for this one and you won’t regret it.

Chocolate Macadamia Brownie

Dark chocolate and salted macadamia cookies

As much as we love a white chocolate and macadamia cookie, this dark chocolate and salted macadamia version is just about perfect with coffee. They take less than half an hour to whip up and are sure to impress friends.

Macadamia hot chocolate

The ancients in Central America were used to drinking chocolate as a beverage. If that idea inspires you, try a modern spin by melting dark chocolate with 90% cocoa solids in warm macadamia milk with a little sugar to take the edge off. Our Sweet spiced cacao and warm macadamia milk drink is another one to try if you love hot chocolate!

Mexican pork with green chilli salsa

Dark chocolate and macadamias isn’t just a great combination in sweet treats. This savoury Mexican recipe uses chocolate like a spice and crunchy macadamias as a topping. The perfect dinner party conversation starter!

Mexican pork with green chilli salsa

Dark chocolate and macadamia spread

This spread is so good, you may find yourself eating it straight from the jar! The good news is, it’s actually a clean eating recipe and nowhere near as naughty as it looks. It uses cacao rather than chocolate, but the result is just as decadent as your favourite chocolate bar.

What’s your favourite way to combine dark chocolate and macadamias? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!

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