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Spring beauty is skin deep

Spring beauty is skin deep

10 October 2017

Spring is here and it’s finally time to shed those winter woollies and let your skin enjoy the soft, warm breeze. 

But wait a moment; your hair is dry and frizzy and your skin is rough and scaly. What to do?!

There is a solution that won’t cost the earth. Using macadamia oil, you can whip up your own nourishing, affordable and non-toxic treatments.

Most people know that macadamia oil is good for you on the inside, but a lesser known fact is that it’s also great for skin, hair and nails. Macadamia oil has been found to slow the signs of ageing1 and can improve the appearance of scars and other minor skin irritations.

Australian macadamia oil contains high levels of palmitoleic acid, an omega 7 fatty acid believed to help skin retain suppleness, and also contains vitamin E and squalene, nutrients that may help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the skin2.

It’s important to note that there is a difference between macadamia oil used for cooking and macadamia oil for skin care. The kind of oil used for beauty products is cold pressed and further refined to remove impurities and the nutty smell.

There are plenty of places to buy high quality macadamia oil online, Pure Nut, a local Byron Bay skin care company is one great option, so is Jindilli or Thursday Plantation plus many chemists and health food stores sell it in the massage and natural beauty section.

Make your own macadamia & citrus body scrub

Whether you want to round up a group of friends for an afternoon of luxury (surely the spa treatments cancel out the Champagne?) or you want to chill out on your own, here are some foolproof tips for a spring spruce up:

1. Rub macadamia oil into your hands, nails and cuticles  

Winter wreaks havoc on hands. Exposure to detergent, cold water and wind, as well as the drying effects of heating, mean that your hands become dry and cracked. A little TLC with macadamia oil will both soothe and smooth them. 

2. Make your own body scrub

No cooking skills required! Simply combine Epsom salts, raw sugar, macadamia oil and a few drops of your favourite skin-friendly essential oil (lavender, orange or grapefruit are ideal) and use to scrub your skin in a circular motion in the shower or the bath. It’s a little messy but your skin will feel soft and smooth afterwards. You can find the full instructions here.

3. Apply macadamia oil to your hair 

Whether your hair is chemically treated, chlorine damaged or simply a little dry, it will respond well to a little macadamia oil applied to the ends and quickly blasted with the hair dryer. The heat will help your hair absorb the oil. Leave on for 5 - 10 minutes and then wash and dry as per usual.

Do you have any more macadamia beauty tips? Let us know on Facebook as we’d love to hear them.

1. Hashizume H. Skin aging and dry skin.J Dermatol. 2004 Aug;31(8):603-9.
2. Nuts and Seeds in Health and Disease Prevention: Victor R. Preedy, ‎Ronald Ross Watson, ‎Vinood B. Patel - 2011

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