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How to blend the perfect body oil

How to blend the perfect body oil

7 December 2018

As well as adding a little touch of luxury to your standard skin care routine, body oils make the perfect treatment for dry skin. Many people think they are expensive, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. They are simple to blend at home and with Christmas coming, they make delicate, luxurious Christmas gifts for friends.

How to blend a body oil

You’ll need:

Dark tinted glass bottle to contain your blend - although oils look beautiful in clear glass containers, they keep longer and retain their beneficial properties when kept out of direct light


200ml carrier oil - we recommend macadamia oil because it is lightweight and easy for the skin to absorb with proven benefits for mature skin. You could also use avocado oil or jojoba oil or a blend one of those with 50% macadamia oil 

20 drops essential oil/blends of oils of your choice

Eye dropper

Using the funnel, decant your carrier oil into your dark-tinted glass bottle. Then, using the eye dropper, add the essential oils to your carrier oil. Place the lid on the bottle and gently shake to make sure the essential oils are dispersed all the way through the carrier oil.

macadamia oil
How to use your new body oil

A macadamia oil-rich blend is full of nutrients that helps skin retain suppleness and also contains vitamin E to help reduce inflammation. You can apply your personalised mixture directly to dry patches of skin for some extra TLC or use it as an all-over, post-shower moisturiser. It also works as a massage oil and a luxury bath oil for when you really need to relax!


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