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10 reasons macadamias make me happy

10 reasons macadamias make me happy

1 February 2021

We know that macadamias are literally a good mood food, because they contain micronutrients that balance our hormones and support our mental health. But there are plenty of other ways that macadamias can bring us little moments of joy.

From their unique crunch to their local origins, here are the reasons that macadamias are making us, and everyone else, so happy right now!

1 - Native to Australia

“The best thing about macadamias is that they’re native to Australia. Also their healthy qualities. We should all be using more of them in cooking.” - Hamish Ingram, chef

2 - A healthy and indulgent snack

“Macadamias are an Australian native nut that has a rich indulgent texture and taste and are so good for our health!” - Simone Austin, dietitian.

3 - Locally grown

“I love that you can get freshly harvested macadamias from local growers. Every time I use them I'm showcasing a little bit of this area.” - Matt Golinski, chef

4 - There is no crunch like a macadamia crunch

“To me macadamias are something truly amazing - so tasty and rich, that unique crunch. I absolutely love them.” - Giovanni Pilu, chef

5 - A farmer’s friend

‘The best thing about macadamias for a farmer is the enjoyment of watching them grow and hearing them fall. Spring time is filled with the sound of bees and the sight of white flowering racemes throughout the dark green orchards.” - Austin Curtin, macadamia grower

6 - Nutrient dense energy

“Nuts like macadamias are nature’s little energy balls! They are the go-to, easy-to-grab snack that’s always in my pack.” - Caro Ryan, adventurer

7- Great for growing bodies

“As a nutritionist and a mum with two young kids, I love to include macadamias in my kids’ diets because they offer great nutrition for growing bodies.” - Casey-Lee Lyon, food blogger and nutritionist

8 - Perfect for on-the-go snacking

“They are a great snack for when I'm on the run as they are easy to take with you anywhere.” - Michelle Ross, personal trainer

9 - Great for cooking

“I love macadamia oil. It’s got a higher flash point than other oils, it’s great for sealing off pieces of fish and chicken and it’s really lovely to cook with.” - Gavin Hughes, chef

10 - Versatile in the kitchen

“Macadamias are really versatile. I use them with beef and fish, they're a winner with desserts, and roasted and salted are just my favourites.” - Cory Campbell, chef


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