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The top 4 reasons to eat macadamias according to a dietitian

Reasons to eat macadamias according to a dietitian

If you love macadamia nuts, you’re not alone. With a subtle buttery flavour, creamy texture and a host of health benefits, you’re doing your mind, body and soul a whole lot of good by eating these nuts. Nothing compares to a macadamia moment. 

Here are the top 4 reasons to enjoy macadamias, according to a dietitian

1. Macadamias taste great and life is too short not to enjoy good food

With their enchanting buttery flavour and creamy texture, macadamias are just plain delicious! 

When it comes to good food, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about nutrition – there is a difference between being full and being satisfied. Food nourishes your soul, brings people together, is part of celebrations and commiserations, is pleasurable and can also be nostalgic. These are ALL valid reasons to eat. Imagine going to Spain and not eating paella!

The way we think about, talk about and eat food can either nourish your soul or cause emotional distress, so choose food joy

2. Macadamias are high in fibre and prebiotics making them great for gut health

Fibre is the part of food that doesn’t get digested. It passes through the stomach and small intestine to the large bowel or colon. It’s here that the 1-2kg of healthy gut bacteria live that make up your gut microbiome. 

Foods like macadamias that contain fibre and prebiotics nourish your gut microbiome in the same way that fertiliser nourishes your garden. 

how to roast macadamia nuts

In the long term, fibre and prebiotics have been associated with improved digestion and bowel function, reduced inflammation, increased immunity as well as reduced risk of things like bowel cancer, diabetes and heart disease. 

3. Macadamias are a Low FODMAP source of plant protein

If you’ve got a sensitive gut, then FODMAPs will definitely be on your radar. FODMAPs are types of carbohydrates that are fermented by the healthy bacteria that live in your gut. While this is great for your gut microbiome, it can create gas and other gut symptoms as a side effect. 

Layered salad with ginger and soy macadamias

A low FODMAP diet has been consistently shown to reduce bloating and gas in people with a sensitive gut. Unlike some other nuts and legumes, macadamias are low in all FODMAPs and suitable for all phases of a low FODMAP diet. 

This is great news if you are vegan or vegetarian or just want to include more plant proteins in your low FODMAP diet.  

4. Macadamias are versatile

Macadamias are super versatile. They are equally tasty on their own or paired with both sweet or savory dishes. 

Tasty ways to include more macadamias into your day:

  • Grab a handful for a quick and easy on the go snack
  • Sprinkle chopped macadamias onto any salad
  • Blitz macadamias in a food processor to make a base for a cheesecake or a nutty crumble topping

This article was written for Australian Macadamias by Accredited Practising Dietitian Joanna Baker. You can find out more about her at

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