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Daily dose

We know that macadamias are a delicious, moreish snack, but did you realise that a daily dose of Australia’s native nut can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing?
Nutrients for total health and wellbeing

That tasty round kernel is the richest nut source of healthy monounsaturated fats. It’s also jam-packed with phytochemicals that support a healthy heart and brain as well as protein and fibre for regular bowel function.

Studies have also shown consuming nuts such as macadamias can help maintain a healthy weight17,18and lower cholesterol levels14 which is why one handful of nuts per day (about 15 whole macadamia kernels) is part of the Australian dietary guidelines.

Delivering a delicious daily dose

Macadamias can be enjoyed by the whole family and are perfect for fuelling growing, active kids. If your children don’t fancy snacking on them whole, try these ideas to incorporate a healthy handful of macadamias into your day:

  • Add chopped macadamias to breakfast cereal for a delicious and wholesome start to the day 
  • Pack a handful of macadamias in an air-tight container for a nourishing snack on the go
  • Sprinkle macadamia pieces over salads, soups or stir-fries for a healthy crunch
  • Top fruit and yoghurt with chopped macadamias or add them to a fruit crumble for a healthy and decadent dessert
  • Enjoy macadamia butter as a healthy spread or dip
  • Offer macadamia butter to babies as a first food mixed into baby cereal, pureed vegetables or fruit. Read the latest allergy-related advice around introducing
       nuts to children here.

Explore our recipe archive for macadamia-style twists on all your family’s favourite meals to help get a healthy handful into your day.