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Macadamias are a nutritious whole plant food, straight from nature and packed with nutrients. They’re delicious little kernels of goodness that nourish from head to toe, perfect as a snack, added to main meals or tossed through your favourite salad.

Macadamias for your health: Full of healthy monounsaturated fats, phytochemicals, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, macadamias are good for your heart, digestive health, antioxidant protection and blood glucose management.  

Macadamias for your shape: Contrary to popular belief, nuts are not fattening. In fact, regular nut eaters tend to weigh less and gain less weight over time1. The healthy fats, fibre and protein in macadamias really satisfy and help resist the urge to overeat. By enjoying nuts such as macadamias, you can improve the overall quality of your diet without gaining weight2. They’re the ultimate guilt-free indulgence!

Macadamias for your mind: The food you eat is important for your mind and mood, just as it is for your physical body. Studies have found that regular nut consumption reduces the risk of stroke3, boosts cognitive function in the elderly4 and the phytochemicals in macadamias may help to protect the brain from damage over time. Macadamias are naturally free of trans-fats that have been linked to the development of depression5 while providing healthy oils, fibre and plant sterols to maintain optimal blood supply to the brain and vitamin B1 for nervous system function. 

Grab a handful and enjoy a macadamia moment for your wellbeing.


A handful of macadamias delivers essential nutrients as well as an indulgent eating experience.

Heart-healthy fats: Macadamias contain a low proportion of saturated fats, no nasty trans-fats and are rich in heart-friendly monounsaturated fats, similar to those in olive oil. In fact macadamias are one of the highest food sources of monounsaturated fats. Health experts the world over agree we should be replacing the bad saturated fats in our diet with unsaturated fats like those in macadamias. The monounsaturated fats in macadamia oil give it stability and longer shelf life and it adds a lovely flavour to salad dressings.

Macadamias snacking

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What is tree nut allergy?

A nut allergy means the immune system mistakenly thinks the protein in nuts is harmful and commences an allergic reaction in a misguided attempt to protect the body from the ‘invader’. Nut allergy requires specialist medical diagnosis and treatment because allergic reactions can be serious and life-threatening. Consultation with an Immunologist and an Accredited/Registered Dietitian who specialises in food allergy is recommended. It is not uncommon to be allergic to several types of nuts, but it is also possible to be allergic to only one type of nut and be able to eat other nuts without any problem.

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Are macadamias fattening?

No. People who eat nuts actually tend to have lower body weights and gain less weight over time. A review of 82 studies found regular nut consumption as part of a healthy diet contributes to heart health without causing weight gain. Researchers have identified several reasons why nuts such as macadamias don’t cause weight gain.

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