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Eight key food trends for 2020 and beyond

A few years ago, it was quinoa. Then cauliflower had its day. Kombucha and kefir went mainstream last year. But what will 2020 bring onto the plates of food fashionistas? We’ve gazed into our crystal ball and discovered what the experts are saying about food trends for the year ahead

Here are eight food trends to consider for when shopping, snacking and planning dinner parties. 

1 – Plant-based trend continues

The plant-based trend is not going anywhere in 2020. This year will see a few new takes on what we’ve seen in previous years. Expect many more plant-based meat alternatives to feature smoky flavours that imitate deli products and generally give a more ‘meaty’ flavour to plant based products. Also, expect to see many more blended protein products that include some meat together with plant-based proteins.

2 – Mustard

According to food product designer and plant scientist Dr Hazel MacTavish-West, mustard will be the next wasabi. Mustard itself has numerous health benefits, but also provides a good flavour kick – so it is a versatile ingredient that has a number of uses. In the year ahead, expect to see many more mustard and flavoured mustard products hitting supermarket shelves. 

  • Macadamia mustards fit perfectly into this trend! There are a number of variations out there including spicy ones, creamy ones and crunchy ones. Speaking of crunch, roasted honey mustard macadamias are right on trend.

3 – Native Australian goes mainstream

Macadamias were the first Australian native ingredient to go mainstream and it’s time for other native foods to join the party! The sweet nuttiness of native wattleseed is fast being incorporated into products as part of this trend. But expect to see more native Australian flavours, like kakadu plum, bunya nuts, lemon aspen, riberries and desert limes, on menus and supermarket shelves as researchers work out how to develop these products for the food industry.

4 – Quality over quantity booze

As the trend toward drinking less continues, 2020 will be the year of the mocktail. Expect to see more zero-proof drinks and non-alcoholic options at the bar in the year ahead. But millennials in Australia and Europe are not only drinking less, they are choosing better quality alcohol. This is driving huge growth in craft spirits, like gin and rum. Annual growth rates of this category are outstripping that of beer, wine and traditional spirits quite dramatically. 

  • Delicately flavoured with macadamia and wattleseed, Mac. by Brookie’s is perfectly on trend this year. 

5 – Healthy is the new wealthy

Our zest for personal wellbeing will reign again this year and in 2020 snacks are set to get a whole lot healthier… especially if you look in the refrigerated sections around the perimeter of the supermarket. Such snacks give us the flavour we want, along with the health benefits we desire.

  • Macadamias are a smart snack that fit into this trend perfectly.

6 – Regenerative agriculture

As awareness of issues like climate change and the ongoing impact of drought continue, practices like regenerative agriculture will be on the tip of everyone’s tongues in 2020. Sustainability is still king in the minds of consumers as they seek out local foods, with less packaging and true provenance.

7 – Not so simple sugars

There’s a fair chance that in 2020 you will be flavouring your baking with syrups derived from pomegranate, coconut, sweet potato, monk fruit or dates. These can be used in desserts, glazes, marinades and other baking.

8 – We still love bliss balls

Part of the move towards healthy snacks, bliss balls will continue in popularity this year. And it’s easy to see why. There are so many flavour options, as well as ones that fit into keto and paleo diet trends. Of course, bliss balls are also incredibly easy to make at home and are a fantastic afternoon pick me up to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee!

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