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Create your own luxurious spa experience at home with macadamia oil

Create your own luxurious spa experience at home with macadamia oil

13 May 2020

Enjoy an indulgent spa experience in the comfort of your own home with Australian Macadamias.

Cherished by beauty professionals, macadamia oil is used in many leading spas throughout Australia. It is a natural, lightweight moisturiser suitable for all skin types and has proven anti-aging properties. However you can still enjoy the benefits of macadamia oil without visiting a lavish spa. These are the ways that you can use this precious oil to turn your own home into a luxurious retreat.macadamia oil facial

Create the right environment

For an indulgent sanctuary that truly pampers and provides the relaxation you crave, ensure you arrange your room well. Dim the lights, light a candle and play your favourite, relaxing music to prepare your mind to enjoy some well earned time out..

Gather supplies

It’s best to use a more refined, cosmetic-grade macadamia oil for your face, body and hair but a food-grade oil still has its moisturising benefits. You will find that it has more impurities and a stronger, nuttier aroma. Whichever oil you choose, ensure you have towels and face washers on hand to prevent it from getting on furniture and carpet.

Fancy a facial?

Macadamia oil is an anti-aging wonder ingredient for your face because it contains so many of the antioxidants that support skin protection and repair, like vitamin E and squalene. You can also use the oil as a natural makeup remover by massaging a small amount into your skin before wiping it off with a warm, damp cloth. 

Macadamia oil is a simple, natural moisturiser. Similar to jojoba oil, it is easily absorbed and won’t leave you skin feeling greasy. Apply the oil as you would a facial serum; place a few drops on your fingertips then use a gentle smoothing action to rub it into your skin. 

macadamia oil moisturiser

Full body treatments

Top-to-toe pampering is much easier in your own home where you can completely relax into a nourishing body treatment. You can blend your own fragrant and natural body oil to massage into dry patches of skin on your feet, hands and elbows. The zesty scent of this Lime and Macadamia Glow Oil will leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted when used as a moisturiser or massage oil - if you can enlist the help of someone in your household to help you create the full spa experience!

Drawing a relaxing bath is another essential part of an at-home spa experience. If you don’t have a luxurious bath salt in the cupboard, you can easily make refreshing bath salts with items you already have at home.You can also take the decadence of your bath routine up to the next level by mixing up a macadamia and citrus body scrubthat both moisturises and exfoliates in one pampering step. macadamia body scrub

Expert hair care at home

Several leading hair care brands have launched products featuring the nourishing properties of macadamia oil. You can stay ahead of this trend and enjoy the enriching benefits of macadamia oil by trying a macadamia oil scalp massage at home. Warming the oil slightly before you apply it to your hair is a simple way to make the treatment seem extra luxurious. Let it absorb for 10 minutes before washing and drying as normal.

What are your tips for an at home spa experience?


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