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Your guide to a delicious plant based Easter

Just because your diet is plant-based doesn’t mean you, or your guests, need to miss out on all the chocolatey, yummy goodness of Easter. 

The Easter long weekend is a great time to entertain your friends. But if you, or they, enjoy a plant-based diet, you might find it difficult to source recipes that are both celebratory and delicious. We’ve got you covered with these twelve delicious macadamia recipes that combine the plant-power of native macadamias with the festive feel of a long weekend.

Sweet macadamia nut recipes

1 – These mini vegan chocolate macadamia cheesecakes are delicious melt-in-your-mouthfuls that are both healthy and full of the chocolatey goodness we crave at Easter.

Mini vegan chocolate macadamia cheesecakes

2 – Does strawberries with macadamia fudge fondue sound like your kind of Easter treat? This decadent dessert doesn’t disappoint.

Strawberries with macadamia fudge

3 – These gluten free macadamia florentines will go down a treat after a long weekend lunch.

Gluten free macadamia florentines

4 – Just hosting an afternoon tea this year? Make it special for your plant-based friends with these scones with chia jam and macadamia cream.

Scones with chia jam and macadamia cream

Savoury macadamia nut recipes

5 – A spicy macadamia butter, served alongside roasted pumpkin, roasted carrots, olives, feta cheese, tomatoes and fresh figs makes a satisfying plant-based feast this long weekend!

Savoury macadamia butter

6 – Include this baked macadamia feta on your cheese board this Easter for a delicious plant-based twist.

Baked macadamia feta

7 – This brightly coloured roasted beetroot and macadamia spread really is the jewel of your dips platter when entertaining at Easter. Just remember to soak the macadamias the night before.

Roasted beetroot and macadamia spread

8 – You don’t need to be vegan to enjoy the wonderful flavours of this ‘vegannaise’–a plant-based twist on classic mayonnaise. The macadamias make a deliciously creamy and versatile condiment in just minutes.

Macadamia vegannaise

Easter gifts

9 – These macadamia and carob Easter bunnies are just too cute, and sure to delight both adults and kids with their round macadamia tails.

Macadamia and carob Easter bunnies

10 – Long weekends are for resting, but this melt and mix recipe for no bake gluten free macadamia brownies is no trouble to whip up when friends drop by.

No bake gluten free macadamia brownies

11 – Raw macadamia bliss ball Easter eggs are a healthy alternative to traditional chocolate ones but just as creamy, thanks to the added macadamias.

Raw macadamia bliss ball easter eggs

12 – Dairy-free and gluten-free, this herb marinated macadamia feta cheese is a great gift at Easter for friends who have dietary restrictions. Or you can include it at the centre of your cheese platter for a delicious plant-based cheese alternative.

Herb marinated macadamia feta cheese

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