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Swoon-worthy summertime smoothie bowls

Macadamia and dragonfruit smoothie bowl

We’ve always loved creating beautiful brunches on our days off, but the trend towards working from home means that some of us now have a little extra time in our morning routine to ensure breakfast feeds our eyes as well as our body.

Take your cue from this rainbow of healthy (and gorgeous) recipes that combine your favourite superfood ingredients in one bountiful bowl. Here are some amazing creations featuring Australian macadamias.

Blue spirulina smoothie bowl

Blue spirulina smoothie bowl

This bright smoothie bowl uses blue spirulina to achieve this striking colour. The bananas provide sweetness and macadamia milk smooths out the mix as well as adding the nourishing goodness of macadamias.


3 frozen bananas

1 teaspoon of blue spirulina

1/3 cup macadamia milk 


1 handful  whole macadamias

2 sliced dried figs

Frozen blueberries and blackberries


Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Add mixture to serving bowl and decorate with toppings such as macadamias, dried figs and frozen berries.

Macadamia and dragonfruit smoothie bowl

Macadamia and dragonfruit smoothie bowl

This beautiful pink bowl of abundance can be made with fresh fruit, but it’s especially refreshing when made with frozen ingredients in summer.


1 medium red dragonfruit, cut in pieces 

1 banana, cut in pieces 

1/2 cup macadamia milk


1 handful whole macadamias

1 strawberry 

2 teaspoons granola or oats (we recommend Brookfarm’s Nutty Granola or Byron Bay Macadamia Cacao Granola)


In a blender mix the dragon fruit, banana and the milk for 2-3 minutes or until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and garnish with the macadamias, strawberry and granola.

Summer macadamia smoothie bowl

Summer macadamia smoothie bowl

This high-fibre breakfast bowl is just perfect for summer mornings. Use frozen banana and mango for an extra refreshing breakfast on hot days.


1 mango (skin and pit removed)

1 banana

2 tbsp rolled oats 

2 tbsp flax seeds 

1 heaped tbsp homemade macadamia butter

1 cup macadamia milk


1 handful macadamias

1 fig, halved

4-5 raspberries

1 spoonful of natural muesli


Blend ingredients until smooth and serve in a bowl with toppings of your choice such as macadamias, figs, raspberries and muesli. 

Mango and macadamia smoothie bowl 

Mango and macadamia smoothie bowl 

Mango and macadamia is a classic summer combination that is even more delicious when presented as beautifully as it is in this smoothie bowl from macadamia lover Erika.


1 cheek mango 

1/2 cup plain greek style yoghurt 

1/2 cup milk (we suggest macadamia milk)

1 tbsp manuka honey

3 ice cubes


Mango slices


Chia seeds

Byron Bay Macadamia Paleo Granola.


Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Add mixture to serving bowl and decorate with toppings.

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