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Six delicious dishes to celebrate World Vegan Day

Wondering how you can celebrate World Vegan Day on 1 November? Why not go all out with these six scrumptious recipes that will take you from breakfast all the way through to dinner and dessert in a day long feast of plant-based perfection?!

Macadamia breakfast bowl

Start World Vegan Day in style with a delicious macadamia breakfast bowl. It’s easy to assemble and packed with plant-based flavours that will set you up for a delicious day. The macadamia-maple-cardamom crunch over the top is the perfect counterpoint to the creamy coconut yoghurt below. It’s also a perfect vegan snack if you get peckish later in the day.

Breakfast bowl with macadamia maple and fig crunch

Macadamia mint slice for morning tea

Your friends will be surprised when you tell them that this macadamia mint slice is vegan – but they will certainly thank you for it! It makes a perfect vegan alternative to a mint slice biscuit. Be warned: a little of this decadent slice goes a long way. However, stored in an airtight container in the fridge, it will last a couple of weeks.

Raw macadamia mint slice

Protein-packed lunch

Quinoa and wild rice are both ancient grains that pack a flavourful protein punch, so this quinoa, wild rice and macadamia salad recipe is an ideal way to celebrate the goodness of grains on World Vegan Day. With puy lentils to complete the protein mix and macadamias for creamy crunch, this is a meal that is sure to totally satisfy people who are just starting out with plant-based eating. It’s delicious served with your favourite greens.

Quinoa, wild rice, lentil and macadamia salad

Rich and raw afternoon tea

Yum! Yum ! Yum! You might not be able to wait for afternoon tea to eat this delicious salted caramel and macadamia slice. There’s no hot oven involved, but the plant-based flavours really shine through!

Macadamia and salted caramel raw slice

Dairy-free dinner

Macadamias are the ideal dairy alternative because of their delicious creaminess. In particular, macadamia feta is very easy to make and has so many uses. For World Vegan Day, we suggest using it as a topping on roasted mushrooms. When combined with a rich tomato sauce and sauteed spinach, the mushrooms feel more like steaks but they are entirely plant based! Note: For World Vegan Day, omit the butter in this recipe and add a little extra olive oil.

Roasted mushrooms with sauted spinach, rich tomato sauce and macadamia feta

Cheesecake dreams for dessert

Perhaps you are feeling full after a delicious day of plant-based eating, but if you do have room to squeeze in a little more, whip up a few of these mini cheesecakes with any leftover macadamia cheese. Simply replace the raw macadamias soaked in water with one cup of the macadamia cheese (unmarinated) and you have the perfect sweet treat to cap off a delicious day of vegan feasting! 

Mini vegan chocolate macadamia cheesecakes

How will you celebrate World Vegan Day?

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