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Tempting macadamia recipes for a more inspired snack time

Tempting macadamia recipes for a more inspired snack time

1 June 2020

What kind of snacker are you? Do you get the mid morning munchies or suffer from a 3pm slump? Do you enjoy having a small something for supper? Perhaps you like a plate of nibbles as you cook. Whatever your habit, snacks are a small, but welcome, moment in the day.

The best snacks are those that are both tasty and nutritious, delivering the pleasure hit our brains crave, and the energy boost our bodies need. While busy lives can make it hard to stick to healthy habits, with just a little bit of preparation, it’s easy to stock up on winning snacks that everyone loves.

As a nourishing wholefood, a handful of macadamias is an easy, healthy snack on it’s own, but they’re an amazing addition to other snacks as well. Our snack e-recipe book brings together 10 inspirational snacking ideas, so you’ll always have a tasty and nourishing snack ready to ward off pesky hunger pangs.

How to use this recipe collection and e-book

1 - Make snacks ahead of time

Several recipes in this collection are great for making ahead of time so you have a snack on hand exactly when you need it. Try making a big batch of the macadamia and vegemite scrolls or the ‘go to’ macadamia bliss balls and slice for busy weeks when you know you’ll need a quick fix, but won’t have time to cook. 

2 - Food with friends

Of course, snacks are better with friends. If you are hosting something social, the smoked and spiced macadamias are great to snack on around the BBQ as the main meal is prepared and the savoury macadamia butter is a great accompaniment to a plate of nibbles or mezze-style lunch.

3 - Nourish yourself

Our gut friendly snacks provide nourishment and deliciousness to make you feel better all round. Whether you want to try a cooling, easily digestible beverage like our macadamia, raspberry and papaya drink or need something more substantial, like the gut friendly banana bread, there are recipes here that tie snacking and self-care together.

4 - Quick fixes

Our bliss balls, three-ingredient cookies and delicious trail mix are all healthy and delicious snacks that can all be made within a moment’s notice as soon as the munchies strike you. They also keep well so that you have a quick fix on hand for whenever you feel like something sweet.

Download your copy of our free e-recipe collection here.


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