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Summer BBQ with macadamias

Summer BBQ with macadamias

16 January 2017

Summer barbecues, long weekends, picnics and entertaining with friends and family - this time of year wouldn’t be complete without our native nut on the menu.

Keep your friends happy with these four roast macadamia snacks. Best served warm and enjoyed with a cold drink!

Wattle seed and chilli macadamias

This snack is easy to make yet so impressive. Coat the macadamias with the chilli, salt, oil and wattle seeds before roasting on BBQ - or create your own flavour combo. Recipe here.

Wattle seed and chilli macadamias

Macadamias with Australian honey and lemon myrtle

Roast the coated macadamias in the oven for about 10 minutes making sure you turn or shake the pan occasionally. Creates a sweet and savoury nutty snack. Recipe here.

Macadamias with honey and lemon myrtle

'Gold' macadamia nuts

These 'gold' macadamias can easily be cooked up on the BBQ or roasted in the oven. Made with turmeric, which gives the golden colour, plus fresh ginger for an extra flavour hit. Recipe here.

turmeric macadamias

Tamari macadamias

A perfect salty snack to go with drinks! Made with tamari, a Japanese-style soy sauce available in supermarkets and wholefood shops. Recipe here.

Tamari roasted macadamias


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