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Smart snacks with macs

Smart snacks with macs

31 May 2017

Whether you prefer them straight from the shell, as nature intended, or in a simple and delicious recipe, macadamias are sure to satisfy those between meal cravings.

When lunch is a distant memory and dinner is still a few hours away, it's easy to reach for the same old suspects. Put that chocolate bar back in the cupboard - because there is a smarter way to snack!

Using macadamias, you can create snacks that are healthy and easy to carry around. Macadamias are a whole food, packed with vital nutrients and healthy fats, and snacking on them offers the added benefit of feeling fuller for longer. That's thanks to the nut's high fibre and protein content, which satisfies cravings quickly, unlike many processed snack foods, which can often leave you wanting more soon after you've finished eating them.

Of course, macadamias make a healthy and nutritious snack just as they are. They're easy to transport – just make sure you've got a strong, airtight container - and keeping a stash of them in your drawer at work is a smart and healthy habit that can save you from succumbing to the dreaded three o'clock chocolate rush.

As well as raw macadamias being handy for when you're on the go, the versatility of Australia's favourite native nut means that macadamias can be transformed easily into a range of great snacks and treats. Here are three great snack ideas to try.

Macadamia bliss balls

Perfect with an afternoon cuppa or as a guilt-free snack after exercise, these maca-cacao balls are simple to make and very easy to transport. Simply process three cups of macadamias, some dates, raw cacao powder and honey together. Then form into balls and chill. Finish them off with a flourish by rolling the balls in desiccated coconut, goji berries or cacao. 

macadamia bliss balls recipe

Macadamia trail mix

Great for when you're out and about, macadamia trail mix is a healthy snack, crammed full of nutrients and bursting with flavour. First bake a mixture of macadamias, maple syrup, cinnamon, cayenne pepper (trust us) and salt. Allow to cool and then toss with your other trail-mix favourites. We suggest dried apricots, pitted dates, pepitas and choc-coated goji berries, but it's completely up to you.

Macadamia trail mix

Macadamia hummus

This Middle Eastern favourite gets a revamp with the addition of macadamias. Our simple-to-prepare macadamia hummus uses chickpeas, crushed garlic, lemon juice, tahini and pepper – all pureed with half a cup of macadamias. Perfect as the centrepiece of a healthy snack arrangement (simply serve with some carrot or celery sticks) for the entire family. 

Macadamia hummus recipe

Some other simple mac-snack ideas:

Try adding macadamias to a smoothie for extra fibre and protein, not to mention a great taste and texture. 

Sprinkle ground macadamias over freshly made popcorn for a crunchy and delicious treat for the kids. 

Add a healthy handful of roasted or natural macadamias to your next cheese or fruit platter for easy entertaining.

Macadamia mezze plate


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