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Power couple: Why macadamia nuts and cauliflower are the perfect match

Power couple: Why macadamia nuts and cauliflower are the perfect match

12 August 2019

Just like macadamias, cauliflower is a modern day wonder ingredient. Here’s why their subtle flavours, unique textures and incredible versatility make these two such perfect kitchen companions. 


Not too long ago, cauliflower had an off-puttingly retro vibe. It was part of 1970s vegetable crudite platters or over-boiled and served with a stodgy white sauce. Mercifully, cauliflower has recently been reinvented and is now a versatile vegetable that can be adapted to suit many different contexts.

Cauliflowers ability to be substituted in place of high-carb ingredients is behind the rise and rise of this cruciferous vegetable. Cauliflower ‘rice’ (where the vegetable has been cut into tiny pieces) is now a staple for low-carb eaters. The humble cauli also makes a lovely gluten-free, low-carb bread crust that can health-ify a traditionally carb-heavy pizza night.

Perfect pair

The versatility of cauliflower is matched only by the incredible adaptability of macadamia nuts, which means there are a variety of ways to pair these two ingredients. The subtle brassica flavour of cauliflowers and the creamy nuttiness of macadamias combine well, but the ability of macadamias to provide a buttery crunch to go with cooked cauliflower’s soft creaminess makes them a perfect foil for each other.

Five ideas to try:

  • Roasting will deepen the flavour of both cauliflower and macadamias and the results can be served in a warm or cold salad.

  • A cauliflower mash or puree made with macadamia milk has extra creaminess and a gentle, nutty flavour. Don’t forget to top the dish with crushed, roasted macadamias for both visual appeal and crunch. 

  • Don’t forget that the cauliflower’s leaves and stems are also edible. By using them all (together with the bacony flavour of kaiserfleisch and the crunch of macadamias) you can create a masterchef-worthy entree.

  • Cauliflower macadamia soup is an easy to make winter winner. For a vegan alternative to chicken stock, use soaked macadamia nuts, coconut cream and vegetable stock with a little kick of freshly ground turmeric, like in this hearty recipe.

What’s your favourite macadamia and cauliflower recipe? Share your ideas on the Australian Macadamia Facebook page.


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