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Meet little Macadamia

Meet little Macadamia

13 June 2017
It's a boy! Australia Zoo welcomes 'Macadamia' to the world

Congratulations are in order as Australia Zoo welcomes its first koala joey of the season, named ‘Macadamia’, after our iconic Aussie nut.

The bundle of cuteness is the latest edition to the wildlife sanctuary, and is set to make his first public appearance after spending his first few months in his mother's pouch.

When born, a koala joey weighs only half a gram and is the size of a kidney bean (smaller than a macadamia nut!). Joeys stay attached to their mother’s teat for around 13 weeks, open their eyes at 22 weeks and gain teeth at 24 weeks.

At 12 months, Macadamia should be a fully independent koala.

Australia is the birthplace of macadamias. The native nut first evolved on the north east coast of the country more than 60 million years ago, growing naturally in the Australian rainforest. From these ancient beginnings, macadamias have today become one of our most-loved premium exports, thanks to their renowned creamy, buttery taste.

Australia is now one of the world’s largest suppliers of macadamia kernel.

Check out Macadamia's first video below and you're sure to fall in love with him as we have. One little icon named after another, what a cutie!


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