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How to match macadamias with your favourite Autumn fruits

How to match macadamias with your favourite Autumn fruits

5 April 2018

Autumn is the time to enjoy the delicate taste of fresh figs and the crunch of new season apples. Pears and nashis are also being freshly picked at this time of year and the grapes are at their best. In addition to all this wonderful bounty, macadamias are falling from the trees and being harvested on farms across the country.

So, as the weather cools and the days become shorter, there are many ways to enjoy fresh macadamias, perfectly paired with the manyother delicious tastes of Autumn. 

Try one of these enticing combinations:


The fig’s delicate taste and texture contrasts with the creamy crunch of macadamias. In this surprisingly simple recipe, a macadamia praline is combined with creme fraiche and fresh figs for a decadent delight. Macadamia ice cream is also perfect with some fresh figs on the side.


Most people think that crumble is an after-dinner option. However, this macadamia filled crumble recipe proves otherwise. It is a breakfast version of your favourite dessert. With only a touch of sugar, you can double down on the apple in the recipe and bake the chill off those cool mornings.

Pear, strawberry and macadamia crumble


The texture and shape of grapes make them a popular decorative topping for desserts. We recommend swapping them into these simple macadamia fruit tarts as a nice Autumnal surprise.


Poached pears. Honey-roasted macadamias. Frangelico custard. Need we say more? This frangipane tartlet recipe is a grown-ups only Autumn treat. We also recommend a pear compote as an accompaniment to these delicious gluten-free macadamia pancakes.

Poached Pear and macadamia frangipane tart with Frangelico custard and honey roasted macadamias

Autumn fruit salad

Combine your favourite Autumn fruits by chopping them into a fruit salad. This is perfect with raw macadamias and yogurt at breakfast time or you could also serve it with macadamia ice cream for dessert. Or try this frozen yogurt sundae which combines macadamias, fruit and frozen yoghurt in a creamy sundae which oozes healthy decadence.

Macadamia and honey frozen yoghurt sundaes


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