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Four people, one question: What's the best thing about macadamias?

Four people, one question: What's the best thing about macadamias?

15 May 2018

We know that macadamias are popular. People from all walks of life tell us time and again that they love to enjoy a special macadamia moment, for so many different reasons. So, we decided to find out more. 

We asked four very different people from across Australia to tell us what they love about the magnificent macadamia, and we couldn’t believe how diverse the answers were!

Farmer Austin Curtin The farmer

Austin Curtin from Northern Rivers, NSW

“The best thing about macadamias for a farmer is the enjoyment of watching them grow and hearing them fall. Spring time is filled with the sound of bees and the sight of white flowering racemes throughout the dark green orchards. 

The macadamia progresses, the nutlets form, continue to mature, sometimes in large, exciting bunches and their colour turns green. The husk hardens and the oil accumulates. Summer rains are always welcome and as the husk begins to dry in February and March, the nuts begin to fall. They tumble to the ground in the orchard, bouncing off tree limbs and trunks on the way down and as a farmer, you’re smiling from ear to ear. It’s the best thing about macadamias!”

The dentistDentist Mark McGrory

Mark McGrory (BDentSt, BDSc (Qld)) from Byron Bay Dental

“Macadamias are an ideal tooth-friendly snack; being low-GI they have what dentists call minimal cariogenic potential. With a healthy combination of fibre, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients for you, they provide very little sugar for the decay-causing bacteria in your mouth. Combined with their plant polyphenols which may kill the decay causing bacteria, macadamia nuts are a much better alternative to starchy and sugar snacks for your teeth. And that’s something to smile about.”

Dietitian Simone Austin The dietician

Simone Austin from Melbourne, Vic

“Macadamias are an Australian native nut that has a rich indulgent texture and taste are are so good for our health! The monounsaturated fats are not only beneficial to our heart, they also help fill us up and give the enjoyable creamy, smooth mouth feel so important to the experience of eating. After all, we eat for much more than just nutritional value. 

With macadamias we can enjoy every mouthful, boost our dietary fibre intake to look after our gut and boost our energy with vitamin B1 - so why wouldn’t you throw in a handful a day!?”

The mumMum Jennifer Richards

Jennifer Richards from Sydney, NSW

“Macadamias are just an easy option. Everybody in the family likes them - and it’s easy to just keep a big jar in the pantry so that the kids can grab a handful for themselves after school. 

I also like that they can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes as a simple way to make something ordinary seem special. They somehow feel more luxurious than other nuts!”

Over to you. What do you think is the best thing about macadamias? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter.


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