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A week of marvellous macadamia meals the kids will actually eat

A week of marvellous macadamia meals the kids will actually eat

15 June 2018

Macadamias are the perfect way to add flair to family meals. These native nuts have the power to satisfy both a parent’s need for creativity in the kitchen, as well as the hungry mouths they have to feed. Add them to meals that kids are already familiar with and watch even the pickiest eater devour what you have prepared.

From speedy weeknight dinners to nutty twists on favourites like pizza and tacos, we’ve pulled together a menu plan showcasing a week’s worth of family meals with a little macadamia-style magic.

Meat-free Monday

Start the week off with this vegetarian recipe that combines tinned chickpeas (rather than fresh, soaked ones) with macadamia nuts in a protein-packed falafel. These Macadamia and Herb Falafels can be served with flatbreads and chopped vegetables for a well balanced meal.

Macadamia and Herb Falafels

Taco Tuesday

This Smokey Paprika and Macadamia Chilli Chicken Taco recipe doesn’t have to be spicy. You can omit the chilli flakes and still get a good result. Put all the ingredients in the centre of the table and let kids construct their own.

Smokey Paprika and Macadamia Chilli Chicken Taco

Winner Wednesday

Mid-week meals can be tricky, but this Quick Macadamia Fried Rice can be pulled together really quickly. For super-speedy results, cook the rice the night before and store in the fridge. This way you’ll be able to get dinner on the table in just a few minutes. Serve the chilli flakes on the side so the kids can add their own (or not) to taste.

Quick Macadamia Fried Rice

Thursday Burgers

Burgers are always popular with kids. In this recipe for Lamb and Macadamia Burgers, the crunch of the macadamias compliments the robust flavour of the lamb. The lemon myrtle adds an extra level of sophistication, but everything is presented in a familiar form for younger eaters.

Lamb and Macadamia Burgers

Friday Night Pizza

Macadamias add a special twist to pizza night. This Mediterranean Vegetable and Macadamia Pizza recipe incorporates macadamias into the dough and the topping. If the eggplant and zucchini are too challenging for kids on a Friday night, just compliment your usual toppings with the flavourful macadamia pesto.

Mediterranean Vegetable and Macadamia Pizza

Saturday San Choy Bao

Macadamias add great crunch to a San Choy Bao. This is another “construct it yourself” meal that kids can eat with their fingers.

Macadamia san choy bao

Slow-cooking Sundays

With a little bit more time on your hands, try making this Moroccan Lamb with Macadamia Rice Pilaf. Although the recipe contains an extensive list of spices, the flavours aren’t hot to the mouth. 

This is also the day to get a headstart on school lunches and on-the-go breakfasts for the week ahead. Try these Macadamia and Vegemite Scrolls and Whole Wheat Banana Honey Macadamia Muffins that can both be frozen for the week ahead.


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