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7 ideas that prove macadamias are the perfect party nut

7 ideas that prove macadamias are the perfect party nut

1 November 2019

Ahh, mixed nuts! They are the perfect party snack. As good for nibbling on around the BBQ as they are for setting out on the Christmas dinner table. But have you noticed how the macadamia nuts in the mix are always the first to go? They disappear so quickly because their delicious buttery crunch makes them the nut that everyone seems to fossick for.

Their starring role in the mixed nut bowl isn’t the only way that macadamias can feature at your next party. Here are some of our favourite party ideas that will make sure your next event shines:

1 - Macs on the BBQ

No matter which flavour you choose, muddled macs are the ideal snack for a summer BBQ. A bit of a show-stopper, this recipe can be made right on the BBQ as your guests watch and eaten while still warm.

Macadamia nuts roasted on the barbeque

2 - Delightful dips

From a vegan mayonnaise to a creamy pesto or hummus, macadamias add their own nutty flavour and distinctive crunch to all your favourite party dips. All you need is a little inspiration.

Macadamia nut pesto

3 - Crunchy crisps

Every dip needs something crunchy to make it really shine. Macadamias give these crisps a delicious taste and texture and are perfect for cheese platters or as part of a show-stopping grazing table. Don’t forget that roasted and salted macadamias also make a crunchy addition to a platter and are a perennial crowd favourite.

Macadamia and cheese crisps

4 - Vegan-friendly party food

Including a macadamia cheese on your cheese board makes it inclusive for those people who prefer plant-based eating. It can also form the basis of some impressive canapes to kick off your next party. 

Vegan cheese made from macadamia nuts

5 - Macadamia chocolate crackles 

It’s tempting for grownups to want to keep the delicious, creamy crunch of macadamias all to themselves. But remember it’s nice to share and they add a yummy extra crackle to this kids party favourite, macadamia chocolate crackles.

Macadamia chocolate crackles

6 - Show stopping desserts

The creaminess of macadamias is the perfect way to end an evening of entertaining. Whether you like fruity desserts or chocolatey ones, macadamias work well with many flavours. Search for your favourite combination here.

Chocolate, macadamia and raspberry tiramisu

7 - The perfect end to the evening

After your guests have been wined and dined, a few chocolate covered macadamias are the ultimate end to the evening. Serve glossy milk, dark or white chocolate versions from an Australian chocolatier, or make your own using this tried and true technique.

Are macadamias your favourite party nut? Share your love with other macadamias fans on our Facebook page.


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