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Nine of the best white chocolate and macadamia nut recipes!

White chocolate and macadamia is a classic combination and one that everyone seems to adore. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best recipes celebrating these fantastic favourite flavours.

Macadamia and white chocolate cookies

Top of the list has to be cookies! This well-loved recipe for macadamia and white chocolate cookies is quick to whip up when you want something sweet with a cuppa plus these biscuits also make a lovely homemade Christmas gift. To gift these cookies just stack three or more and surround with cellophane and a bow.

Raspberry, white chocolate and macadamia muffins

Although white chocolate and macadamia is a near-perfect flavour combination, the addition of raspberries lifts these muffins into something quite sublime. This easy-to-make recipe is perfect comfort food when enjoyed warm from the oven.

White chocolate and macadamia rocky road

This whole food rocky road recipe from Live Love Nourish is one of our favourites. It is completely dairy-free and looks so pretty when sliced up. With a few sprigs of mint to decorate the plate when serving it looks perfectly Christmassy as well as being divinely healthy.

Macadamia and white chocolate mousse

You may not have tried a macadamia and white chocolate mousse, but this creamy, decadent recipe will make you wonder why.. It provides a triumphant end to a dinner party.

Macadamia and white chocolate self saucing puddings

Self-saucing puddings are an easy dessert option for a cold winter night in. For such an indulgent result the method for these macadamia and white chocolate self-saucing puddings is surprisingly simple.

White chocolate and macadamia crumb

We love this white chocolate and macadamia crumb recipe for its versatility. It can be the topping for a fruit crumble, sprinkled over your favourite ice cream or served alongside this spiced pumpkin and macadamia bread. It’s a matter of lightly roasting 100g each of white chocolate chunks and chopped macadamia pieces, then pulsing them together in a food processor to form a rough crumb. For a fancy twist, stir through a tiny amount of bee pollen (6g) at the last minute.

White chocolate and macadamia scones 

Lift a humble scone into something quite heavenly. For a simple hit of flavour, substitute half the macadamia pieces for white chocolate chips when making macadamia scones. But if you need a recipe that is sure to dazzle at your next afternoon tea, try this white chocolate and macadamia scone recipe with a decadent caramel glaze!

White chocolate and macadamia blondies

The sweetness of the white chocolate and the crunch of the macadamia work perfectly well as additions to normal dark-chocolate brownies, but why not switch things up completely and make blondies instead? These golden, buttery snacks are great as a treat for the kids after school.

White chocolate and macadamia pancakes 

Pancakes and pikelets are another fun treat, but if you are pursuing a plant-based diet, you might feel like they are something you have to forgo. That’s why we love this vegan white chocolate and macadamia pancake recipe. No one misses out on the fun!

What’s your favourite white chocolate and macadamia recipe? Head over our facebook site and let us know.

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