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Have you eaten a moon macadamia?

moon macadamia nuts

Moon macadamias are a decadent treat.

And just one is never enough!

Macadamias are simply delicious when they are eaten raw and unadorned.

But roasting them intensifies their flavour and crunch.

Roasting them with a little honey adds sweetness.

Covering them in chocolate makes a sublime treat and combining them with white chocolate is always a winning combination!

What if you could merge all these favourite ways of embellishing macadamias and have all of them, all at once?

The result is a super-decadent treat that everyone will adore!

That’s exactly what a moon macadamia is. 

These scrumptious goodies are made by taking a naturally delicious Australian macadamia, roasting it in honey for sweetness, covering it in a thick layer of milk chocolate and then finishing with a crispy milk and white chocolate-marbled shell.

The result is a chocolate-covered macadamia like no other, with a marbled finish that looks like the surface of the moon.

Moon macadamia nuts make a great gift

Aside from an indulgent treat, moon macadamias make a perfect gift. Think Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter – any celebration really. A jar full of these will make any macadamia lover happy!

Moon macadamias are available from chocolate retailers like Byron Bay Chocolate Co, online retailers like The Nut Market and bulk foods suppliers like The Source Wholefoods and Naked Foods.

Why not try one today? But be warned – they are seriously addictive.

Do you love moon macadamias or have any recipes using these decadent treats ? Let us know over on our Facebook page.

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