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How to make the perfect scone

Here’s how to make the perfect scone for mum this weekend.

Who doesn’t love scones? They are simple to make and can be sweet or savoury depending on your mood. Topped with lashings of butter or jam they make an elegant afternoon tea, but can also accompany soups and stews at dinner or be popped into lunch boxes, to everyone’s satisfaction!

Adding macadamias to your scones will provide a soft crunch and satisfying texture that is sure to impress, as well as a luxury element that shows mum just how much you care.

Whether you want to bake up a batch for breakfast in bed or savour them for morning tea, these are the scone recipes that you need to celebrate this mother’s day.

1. If your mum is a traditionalist, she is sure to love our recipe for macadamia scones with blackberries and cream (top picture). It adds the sweet, nutty flavour of macadamias to a classic scone. Perfect for a mother’s day high tea.

Lemon myrtle and macadamia scones

2. The intrepid foodies in your family will enjoy these bushfood-inspired scones that celebrate a few lesser-known Australian flavours as well as the native macadamia. Adding lemon myrtle to the mix makes a fragrant tang that will surprise mum at breakfast, while the caramel-like flavour of bush tomato pairs perfectly with pumpkin. This savoury macadamia, bush tomato and pumpkin scones recipe works well as an accompaniment to a warming mother’s day dinner.

Macadamia, bush tomato and pumpkin scones

3. If your mum is vegan, grain-free or dairy-free she will appreciate your loving attention to detail when you make these plant-based scones. You can complement them with a dairy-free macadamia cream for an extra flourish!

Vegan macadamia scones with chia jam and macadamia ‘cream’

4. Macadamias also pair well with flavours like white chocolate, raspberry and mango, so for those with a sweet tooth why not experiment with sweet flavour pairings and serve your scones for dessert alongside a scoop of macadamia milk ice cream?

Mango Coconut Macadamia Nut Scones

5. A large pull-apart macadamia scone with lemon drizzle icing is a decadent way to say “I love you” to mum this year.

Macadamia scone with lemon drizzle icing

With no advanced preparation required, scones are a great last-minute way to treat your mum this mother’s day. 

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