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Easy New Year’s Eve party recipes

Pop the champagne and celebrate the start of a new year with these tasty finger food recipes. 

If you’re the host for New Year’s Eve this year, the stress free option is serving easy finger food that can be partly prepared ahead of time. Mezze platters are always a fantastic staple with cheese, homemade dips and crunchy vegetables, but you’ll also need a few substantial items and signature dishes to really fill up your guests and make your party memorable. Plus, you may need to cater for dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten and dairy free.

We have a selection of recipes that are perfect for New Year’s Eve celebrations and will give you plenty of time to join the party.

Macadamia and cheese crisps

These moreish macadamia crisps will go perfectly with your mezze platter and are a light and sophisticated alternative to store bought crackers. If you’ve never made your own crisps this easy recipe will ensure you feel like a pro baker. You can make these several days in advance, just store in an airtight container and hide them away from prying hands.

Recipe here: macadamia-and-cheese-crisps

Macadamia and cheese crisps

Macadamia cream ‘cheese’ and smoked salmon canapés

Impressive and healthy, these canapés of macadamia cream ‘cheese’ and smoked salmon topped with fresh dill and lemon zest and served on a crispy cucumber slice are a savoury treat that is perfect for entertaining. A gluten and dairy free option, these canapés are a great way to kick off any party.

Recipe here:

Macadamia and herb falafels

Macadamia and herb falafels

For a hearty, vegetarian option try this recipe of macadamia and herb falafels which are loaded with green herbs and are very simple to make. Using chickpeas as the key ingredient, along with macadamias for crunch, we suggest making up the mixture ahead of time and storing in the fridge until ready to cook and eat. Serve fresh and warm, ideally with a macadamia baba ganoush dipping sauce.

Recipe here: macadamia-and-herb-falafels

Macadamia, pork and mushroom pot sticker dumplings

Macadamia, pork and mushroom pot sticker dumplings

These delicious dumplings can be made up to six hours in advance and will be the star of the show come New Years’ Eve. They are crispy, crunchy, full of flavour and its easy to make a big batch in one go. Serve with your favourite chilli sauce.

Recipe here: macadamia-pork-and-mushroom-pot-sticker-dumplings

Chocolate and macadamia affogato

Chocolate and macadamia affogato

The final element to your New Year’s Eve party has to be dessert, and this special night calls for a very special finale. Chocolate macadamia affogatos make the perfect impression, combining decedent chocolate macadamia ice cream with espresso coffee and your choice of liqueur. We also suggest serving them with chocolate coated macadamias on the side. Delectable!

Recipe here: chocolate-and-macadamia-affogato

We would like to wish everyone a fantastic New Year’s celebration and a wonderful year ahead.

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