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Easy April entertaining with macadamias

Who doesn’t love April with the long weekends and school holidays providing lots of opportunities to catch up with family and celebrate with friends? If you are like us, you will be flipping through cook books and trolling the Internet looking for delicious and simple recipe ideas to take along to the next social gathering. We are here to offer you some inspiration, with five easy April entertaining dishes, all inspired by macadamias of course!

Five Easy April Macadamia Recipe Ideas

1. Our first comes from Sydney blogger Lorraine Elliott, otherwise known as Not Quite Nigella, who has created a creamed macadamia dip with crispy sage. This recipe only uses four key ingredients, raw macadamias, garlic, olive oil and sage leaves, and is ready in under 10 minutes – talk about simple! All you need is a blender. Check out the full recipe here

2. For those hosting a crowd, our roasted potato skins with macadamias are a popular and tasty nibble. They are easier than you think but the trick is to choose a floury potato variety like a Desiree potato (they have the smooth red skin). In our recipe, once the potatoes are precooked, we suggest topping them with macadamias, diced bacon and blue cheese. But you can top them with whatever you like; macadamias, chilli and cheddar cheese or macadamias, olives and sour cream. Whatever you choose, these roasted potato skins are sure to please a hungry crowd. Find the full recipe here

Roasted potato skins with macadamias

3. If you are firing up the barbecue then muddled macadamias on the barbecue are a must. Place a couple of cups of raw macadamias in a bowl, add flavouring such as lime juice, salt and chilli (plus a little macadamia oil to coat it all) and then toss the macadamias on the barbecue hot plate for a few minutes. Hot toasted macadamias are simply mouthwatering. Find the full recipe and instructions here.  

Macadamias on the barbecue recipe

We all know macadamias work well in sweet dishes, so if you’ve been nominated to bring dessert then you could try these next two make ahead recipe ideas. 

4. Our no bake choc fruit macadamia slice is quick and easy to prepare and is best made the night before so it has time to chill. You’ll get a sweet hit with the dark chocolate and cream, but this is balanced with a healthy serve of dried fruit and macadamia nuts. Cut into small squares, it’s perfect to enjoy with tea and coffee at the end of a meal. 

5. If you want to show off then try our macadamia, date and chocolate torte. This show stopper only uses 5 ingredients and, while it looks complicated, it is actually one of the easiest and most delicious cakes you’ll ever make. You’ll need time to rest this cake so it is best made the night before, and the chocolate, date and macadamia combination is unbeatable. 

Macadamia, date and chocolate torte

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