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Christmas gift guide for macadamia lovers: 2023 edition

Macadamia nuts are the perfect complement to the festive season.

They have the power to transform even the simplest of moments into a celebration. You’ll sure to find something special in our Christmas gift guide for macadamia lovers.

Christmas is a nostalgic time of year, and enjoying macadamia nuts during this celebratory season can be a wonderful way to maintain family traditions and create special memories.

Here are twelve macadamia gift ideas, all available online and all Australian made, you can easily add to these to your Santa sack or Christmas grazing table this year.

Macadamias Australia White Chocolate Macadamia Clusters

White chocolate and macadamias is always a good idea and these clusters are a gorgeous treat. Gift a whole pack to friends or family, keep as a delicious snack or serve at the end of the night as a simple dessert.

$9.49. Shop here.

Nutworks Dark Chocolate Salted Chilli Macadamias

For those who love a bit of spice with their sweet treats, these dark chocolate salted chilli macadamias are a fiery and satisfying choice.

$12.95. Shop here.

Alive Body Macadamia & Kakadu Plum Lip Balm Bauble 

A lip balm formulated with a blend of macadamia oil, Kakadu plum extract, and coconut oil to soothe and hydrate your lips. Beautifully packaged, this bauble makes for the perfect gifting option that is both affordable and elegant.

$16.00. Shop here.

Haigh’s Milk Roasted Macadamias Gift Box

A combination of rich, creamy milk chocolate and roasted macadamias, this gift box from Haigh’s Chocolates is a sweet indulgence.

$27.50. Shop here.

Avilla Macadamia Body Oil with essential oils

A perfect gift for those in need of some self-care during the holiday, Avilla’s relaxing macadamia body oil  is infused with essential oils to help with relaxation including Sweet Orange, Sandalwood and Lavender.

$35.00. Shop here.

Brookfarm Keto Macadamia Bundle

For the health-conscious or keto advocate, this keto macadamia bundle is a dream come true. It’s a delicious and nutritious gift that aligns with dietary preferences.

$40.00. Shop here.

Brother Mountain Macadamia Tin Set

This set of three 100g tins, featuring Saltbush, Bush Spice, and Salted Maple macadamias, provides a unique and flavorful macadamia experience. The gorgeous packaging is perfect for gift giving.

$43.50. Shop here.

Gondwana Botanicals Christmas Gift Pack

A great value Christmas gift pack perfect for those who work with their hands or are invested in looking after their skin. The three Gondwana Botanical products made from macadamia oil each offer a unique way to care for and hydrate your body.

$65.00. Shop here.

Koko Black Trio of Macadamias Jars

Create a personalised macadamia gift box by choosing any three of Koko Black’s Australian macadamia options. They’ll be beautifully presented in a gift box. Select from Espresso Macadamias, Matcha Macadamias, Honey Macadamias or more.

$65.00. Shop here.

Mac. Liqueur by Brookie’s

Macadamia liqueur offers a unique and delightful twist to the holiday spirits. It’s a fantastic addition to festive cocktails and a memorable gift for those who enjoy a good tipple.

$67.99. Shop here.

Alternatively, if you are after macadamia nuts in their shell that you can enjoy cracking at home with family and friends, check out these options from Gondwana Macadamias, Nutworks and Happy Nuts.

Whether you’re decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, or simply relaxing on a day off, a bowl of macadamias adds an extra layer of joy and indulgence to your holiday activities.

Merry Christmas!

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