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Create Chef Matt Moran’s macadamia recipes

Create Chef Matt Moran's macadamia recipes

Heading into the festive season, Australian Macadamias has teamed up with leading chef and restauranteur Matt Moran.

The summer festive season is so close you can almost taste it. Aussie tastebuds are starting to salivate with the thought of fresh prawns, roast lamb and fruity pavlovas!

There is one particular ingredient that ticks many of the celebration season boxes, that is delicious, crowd pleasing and can help elevate any meal into something special – the Aussie macadamia. 

Create Chef Matt Moran's macadamia recipes
Create Chef Matt Moran’s macadamia recipe

Matt has created a range of delectable dishes that are the perfect addition to any occasion, including his divine take on a roast lamb with macadamia and mint pesto, a vegetarian braised mushroom with macadamia cream, and his seasonal dessert choice – a peach, macadamia and honey tart. 

“The great thing about macadamias is that they truly are one of the most diverse nuts to experiment with in the kitchen,” says Matt.

“Their unique flavour profile and subtle creaminess make them perfect for breaking down into sauces and sides, or you can chop or shave them on top of your dishes as garnishes, adding a new layer of flavour and crunch and thus turning even the most basic of meals into something special.”  

Regardless of whether you are an advanced cook or a complete novice, Matt’s macadamia-inspired recipes are easy to reproduce at home, with options for all types of foodies and experience levels. 

To try your hand at one of Matt’s recipes this festive season, please find them below. 

The lively flavour and crunch of the macadamia and mint pesto takes this slow cooked lamb to a new level of delicious specialness. 
This tart is a celebration of summer with the buttery macadamias perfectly complementing the juicy, ripe peaches.
A simple mushroom dish is transformed with the addition of macadamias – the smooth flavour of the elegant macadamia cream complements the earthy mushrooms while the roasted nuts add a delicious buttery crunch.

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