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A macadamia moment with Jolyon Burnett

Jolyon Burnett

Australian Macadamia Society CEO Jolyon Burnett, who led the organisation for 14 years, is retiring this month, August 2022. Jolyon has been professionally involved in Australian horticulture for over 35 years. An enthusiastic foodie, few know more about macadamia nuts than this man so we thought it important to take a macadamia moment with Jolyon before he departs for new adventures.

Jolyon Burnett Australian Macadamia Society CEO

What’s your favourite place to eat anywhere in the world?

At home with my wife Anne’s cooking, and I don’t say that lightly. She is a spectacular cook. She’s also a dietician so not only is her food incredibly tasty, it’s also nutritious. She does an amazing sand crab lasagne and makes the best chicken soup – I’m very lucky.

What’s one ingredient you can’t live without?

Probably ginger – my wife brought me on that journey. I used to avoid it, but Anne puts it in everything and even makes homemade ginger juice. Now I love it. 

What’s your personal favourite way to enjoy a macadamia nut?

We have a few macadamia trees at home and there’s something special about taking a nut from under one of the trees and cracking it and eating it then and there. But I’m also a chocolate freak and I love a chocolate coated macadamia, especially with dark chocolate. Macadamias seasoned with lime and cracked pepper are good too.

 Jolyon Burnett
We take a macadamia moment with Jolyon Burnett

What do you like to cook at home?

I do very little cooking but one of the few things I cook that Anne appreciates are my spring rolls. I usually make them with pork, but I can also do vegetarian and chicken. They all include ginger, cabbage, bean sprouts and of course macadamias. And they have to be deep fried, not steamed. 

What’s your favourite movie or TV show?

I have been really enjoying Antique Roadshow. If I’ve had a heavy day at work, there’s nothing like sitting down and relaxing in front of that. I also enjoy Back Roads and Landline on the ABC.

If you were an ice cream, what flavour would you be?


For a more in-depth exit interview check out the extended chat here.

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