National Residue Survey - Macadamias - 2018-19

27 Sep 2019

NRS 2019 macadamiasAustralian macadamias achieve perfect score again

We’re delighted to announce that our industry has been awarded 100% compliance in the 2018-19 National Residue Survey (NRS).  

The program involves the testing of Australian macadamias for a range of chemical residues and environmental contaminants, which ensures the macadamia industry can meet quality assurance and market access requirements for domestic and international markets. 

The report concluded that “Australian macadamia producers continue to demonstrate a high degree of good agricultural practice.” 

Marking a 22-year unbroken record of perfect scores, an achievement unmatched by any other Australian fresh product, this result speaks to the commitment and skill of Australia’s macadamia growers and processors. It’s evidence of their dedication to sustainable farming, the use of biological and cultural crop protection methods, and world-class post-harvest handling practises. 

Download the full report using the link below. It is also available in Japanese and Chinese

National Residue Survey 2018-19.pdf

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