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Educational Resources

Kids love macadamias and there’s plenty they can learn about them too.

Download one of our colouring or fun fact sheets or take a look at some of our videos including The life of a macadamia, How to roast your own, How to crack a macadamia nutHow to make macadamia butter and Macadamia harvesting.

Here are a few fun macadamia facts to get you started:

•    Birthplace of macadamias: AUSTRALIA!
•    Year to produce first crop: 5
•    Months per year spent harvesting: 6
•    Macadamia farmers in Australia: 650
•    Tonnes Australia produces annually: 50,000
•    Kilos of macadamias from one tree: 20
•    Number of years in commercial production: 42
•    Farms that are family owned and operated: 80%

Macadamia school downloads:
Fun macadamia factsheet (3.6mb PDF)

Colouring sheet 1 (328kb PDF)

Colouring sheet 2 (203kb PDF)

Colouring sheet 3 (200kb PDF)

If you have any questions about Australian macadamias please call us on 1800 262 426, email info@macadamias.org or let us know through FacebookTwitter or Instagram.


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