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Alli Page



Alli has owned and operated her family macadamia and cattle farm at Coopers Shoot in the Byron hinterland since 1998.

She was personally involved in the planning, planting and nurturing of the 4,500 macadamia trees on the property. She actively seeks out organic and alternative solutions in the management of her orchard. Like 70% of our growers,

Alli has introduced the Trichogramma wasp to her orchard, which helps contain a significant loss to nut borer and has led to a dramatic reduction in the use of chemical sprays over the last decade.

She’s also committed to conserving our waterways, and planted Smothergrass (an innovative grass that covers the orchard floor) throughout her orchard in a bid to control soil erosion.

“Our trees have the best views in Australia, looking out to the ocean and the lighthouse, but the downside of the undulating slopes is that we have to effectively manage soil erosion,” says Alli, who lists her biggest challenge as the weather. "Cyclonic storms and wet seasons test the patience of even the most optimistic grower."

Her advice to new growers?: "Ask questions. The macadamia family is an embracing one with people ready to share information and whether it be the Australian Macadamia Society, other growers, MacGroups or experts there is always someone to share their knowledge and experience."

A former Australian Macadamia Society Board member, Alli is also a full-time real estate agent (based in Bangalow) where she specialises in macadamia property marketing.


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