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There’s so much to love – and know – about macadamias. A naturally healthy wholefood, they can be enjoyed on a regular basis thanks to their abundance of vital nutrients and healthy fats. Food and health studies suggest enjoying a handful or two (30-60 g) of nuts daily, so you can treat yourself to a macadamia moment every day of the week!

Foodie facts:

1. Super foods like quinoa and chia seeds are on everyone’s lips. Add the super powers of macadamias and they’ll taste amazing too.

2. Smoothie bowls are nutritious, pretty and popping up on breakfast menus everywhere - macadamias make a delicious addition to both the smoothie and its topping

What's Trending - Macadamia smoothie

3. Meatless Mondays encourage cooking without meat for one night a week to reduce our environmental footprint and increase the variety in our diets. Macadamias can beef up any meat-free meal, especially with brown rice, quinoa, barley, wholemeal pasta, legumes, lentils and vegetables.

What's trending - Meatless mondays with Macadamia freekah salad
4. Think global, eat local. The local food movement has gathered plenty of pace, as a trip to any farmers’ market will prove. Choosing local food reduces the environmental impact of what you’re eating by minimising the distance from paddock to plate. As Australia’s native nut, macadamias are a great way to keep your food local and support Aussie farmers too.

5. Clean eating has us seeking unprocessed food that’s as close to its natural state as possible. When you enjoy an Aussie macadamia, you’re carrying on a time-honoured tradition of gaining nourishment from natural whole foods grown in this great southern land.

What's trending - clean eating with macadamias

6. Self care. A little everyday luxury always lifts the spirits. Macadamias are the ultimate guilt-free indulgence.

What's trending - luxury snacking with macadamias

7. Portion size. Don’t go out for dinner starving! A handful of macadamias takes the edge off your hunger and makes it easier to choose lighter options and keep your portions modest.

What's trending - portion control with macadamias

8. Seasonal eating. Macadamias are available year-round and complement so many seasonal fruits and vegetables

What's trending - Seasonal eating with macadamias

9. Handmade gifts. Nothing beats the care of something handmade. Macadamias are a great gift for any occasion, whether roasted and flavoured or in a sweet treat like our macadamia nougat – add a card and pretty packaging and prepare to make an impression!

What's trending - gift of love with macadamias

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