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Why macadamias are the hot ingredient this Australia Day

Why macadamias are the hot ingredient this Australia Day

15 January 2015

As Aussies prepare to celebrate all the great things about the nation on January 26, we asked the country's best loved chefs, celebrity nutritionists and foodies to share what they hold most dear about our delectable native nut and why it should be on your menu this Australia Day.

Thanks to our growers who are leading the world in macadamia production and export, macadamias have found their way into exciting new recipes both in Australia and around the globe. It's the nut that everyone's talking about and represents the very essence of Australia - the soil, the climate and the seasons from its humble beginnings in native rainforests more than 60,000 years ago.

With its sublime creamy, buttery taste and crunchy texture, it is also the perfect special occasion fare to dish up in an epic home-grown feast for family and friends.

So go on, be proud and discover why you should pay tribute to the World's Finest Nut on Australia Day:

Karen Martini, Australian chef, restaurateur and food writer www.karenmartini.com
"Macadamias are an incredibly versatile Australian nut with a buttery richness that is delicious."

Giovanni Pilu, Chef at Pilu at Freshwater www.piluatfreshwater.com.au
"Before I moved to Australia from Italy I had never experienced eating macadamias! Once I tasted them I was hooked and since opening at Freshwater 10 years ago they are nearly always on my menu in both savoury and dessert dishes. We love eating them fresh in the restaurant. They are so versatile."

Matt Moran, Owner of Aria Restaurant Sydney and Brisbane, CHISWICK, Riverbar & Kitchen, Opera Bar, CHISWICK at The Gallery, North Bondi Fish and ARIA Catering www.mattmoran.com.au
"Happy Australia Day to Aussie macadamias and thank you to all our local growers and processors who work hard to produce our iconic native nut."

Joanna McMillan, Nutritionist and Accredited Practising Dietitian www.drjoanna.com.au
"I love Aussie macadamias for their creamy, crunchy texture in dishes, as well as their awesome nutrition credentials. Over 80 per cent of the fat in macadamias is monounsaturated fat - the type also found in olive oil and avocados - plus they provide an impressive array of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. I add them to my homemade muesli, crush them and use them in crunchy topping for fish or chicken, or toss them through a salad."

Nicole Senior, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist, Author, Speaker, Food and Health Enthusiast www.nicolesenior.com.au
"I love macadamias on my breakfast cereal because no matter what's on my plate it always tastes better and feels more like a treat with macadamias - it's a great way to start the day!"

Lola Berry, Australian TV Nutritionist and Author www.lolaberry.com
"Well it's no secret I love macadamia nuts! I love to have macadamia nut butter in two ways. Savoury on top of fish then I add a squeeze of lemon or lime and a bit of ripped up coriander; and sweet on paleo gluten free bread with sliced bananas, a dash of cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup."

The Merrymaker Sisters, health and happiness bloggers and paleo recipe developers www.themerrymakersisters.com.au
"We love macadamias! Our top tip: We love that you can add macadamias to sweet and savoury dishes or just enjoy them as a snack on their own. Talk about versatile! Think choc-maca raw chocolate or a summer salad with macadamias sprinkled on top!"

Sneh Roy, Creative Director at Cook Republic and author of Tasty Express www.cookrepublic.com
"I love crushing raw macadamias coarsely and pan roasting them with a bit of raw sugar, ground cinnamon and nutmeg for a couple of minutes until they go all golden and caramelised. It is hard to resist eating this crumble just by itself but I persevere and add it to everything from my bowl of morning granola to a sneaky sprinkling over roasted pumpkin salad or a luscious dessert."


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About Australian Macadamia Society: It is estimated that 70% of Australian growers are members of the Society and that they produce more than 85% of the Australian annual production, around 40,000 tonnes. The AMS was founded with the objectives of promoting and coordinating all aspects of the industry, to encourage free exchange of ideas and information and to foster goodwill among members.


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