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Social media bootcamp a hit

Social media bootcamp a hit

9 September 2016

Farm visitMention the word ‘bootcamp’ and most people picture push-ups and pain. But when the aim is more to do with Facebook than fitness, it’s a very different program indeed.

In early September, Australian Macadamias hosted its inaugural Social Media Bootcamp, bringing together marketing agency delegates from six countries for an intensive three-day ‘paddock-to-plate’ macadamia immersion.

Led by the Australian marketing team, the program was action-packed and showed our counterparts in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China and Germany every aspect of the macadamia industry in the beautiful Byron Bay growing region.

The event strengthened our international team relations, fostering a fabulous spirit of collaboration and learning that will help every market to perform to its best and the global program as a whole to continue to thrive.

The knowledge shared will also form the basis of the upcoming Australian Macadamias Social Media Playbook. This is being created to guide all current and future agency staff in the ongoing creation and curation of social media content to promote Australian grown macadamias to consumers globally.

Orcard aerialEstablishing a sense of place

One of the greatest benefits of bringing guests to a growing region is the opportunity to bring the home of macadamias to life. Ironically, one of the best places to see the earth on which we grow our native nut is from the air. Establishing this important connection was a priority for the bootcamp, and in what proved to be a true highlight, we had everyone up early for a spectacular dawn hot air balloon flight.

As the first rays of daylight broke through the clouds, the team was lifted gently upward to observe the lush, green landscape of Macadamia Country from 1,800 feet.

Mesmerised by the beauty of the macadamia orchards from the air, our guests could see the first macadamia flowers of the season breaking up the rich greenery of the ordered rows of trees. The patterns, textures and colours from this unique aerial perspective were incredible and plenty of fabulous new imagery was captured and shared on social media.

Farmers marketsFarmers’ markets

There’s no better way to introduce visitors to the rich assortment of produce grown in the region than with coffee and shopping like a local at the Byron Bay Farmers’ Markets.

To take this experience to new heights, we enlisted the help of the fabulous Gavin Hughes, Head Chef at The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa. Gavin led the group around the markets, introducing our guests to local providores as he shopped for ingredients for the Market Menu dinner we would enjoy that evening.

Thanks to Gavin’s knowledge and generous spirit, our guests gained a much clearer sense of the quality and depth of the local food offering. They particularly loved exploring the range of macadamia products on offer, purchasing so much that home delivery was required!

Read more about the international social media bootcamp here.

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