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Korean bloggers come to the home of macadamias

Korean bloggers come to the home of macadamias

2 April 2014

The Australian Macadamia Society (AMS) will host a group of influential Korean bloggers in the Northern Rivers over the next three days.

Representatives from the AMS will take the five bloggers on a tour of Australia's largest macadamia growing region, where their activities will include: tours of a macadamia farm, processing company, and Mullum Farmers markets, macadamia taste testing at Duck Creek Macadamias, a visit to Macadamia Castle and a range of other iconic local tourist attractions. They will also get to enjoy delicious, specially prepared macadamia dishes at local restaurants and be pampered with macadamia beauty products.

The bloggers will be sharing their Aussie macadamia experience with the 2million people who visit their blogs each month, telling Koreans about the fine native nut. One of the highlights of the tour will be tomorrow's farm visit where the bloggers (most of who have never seen a macadamia tree) will meet a local grower, take a walk through a local macadamia plantation, and learn all about the macadamia harvest season, which has just begun.

The tour is part of the AMS's international marketing program, which has identified Korea as one of its priority 'new' markets, launching its first major promotional campaign there last year. This, coupled with the new free trade agreement with South Korea, capitalises on a major opportunity for the Australian macadamia industry allowing it to undertake significant expansion into the Korean market.

"Macadamias are becoming very popular in Korea, with total imports increasing by 240% over the last five years. We believe this market has the potential to grow as big as our Japanese market," says AMS Market Development Manager Lynne Ziehlke. "Both these markets place a high priority on clean, green production and appreciate the premium product we can deliver."


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