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Diet trend watch

Diet trend watch

30 March 2017

The big diet trends right now are paleo, clean eating and low-carb. Here’s a quick explainer and where macadamias fit in.

Macadamias are paleo-approved. Paleo is short for paleolithic and describes an eating style inspired by primitive, hunter-gatherer lifestyles of early humans. Paleo followers base their diet on foods that, in the past, could be hunted and gathered such as meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Macadamias have been gathered by the Australian Aboriginal people for thousands of years and are absolutely, positively paleo.

Macadamias are clean foods: Clean eating is a trend toward real, fresh, whole, natural and unprocessed food. It’s also about being aware of a food’s origins and journey to your plate. It has many followers on social media using the hashtag #cleaneating and has given rise to many cookbooks. It’s a movement toward eating food as close to its natural form as possible. Australian macadamia farmers are passionate about clean, green production, so when it comes to clean eating, Aussie grown macadamias fit the bill perfectly.

Macadamias are low-carb. Low carb is about limiting carbohydrates in the diet and eating more protein and fat. Leaders within the low-carb lifestyle say it can help with weight loss, diabetes management and even sporting performance, although the scientific evidence for this is lacking. Meat, fish, non-starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds are encouraged so macadamias get a big tick for followers of low-carb.

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